Welding Machines For Sale. Buying Guide

Welders for saleWelders, or welding machines are very popular nowadays. They are not popular because they are affordable, or they look nice, they are popular because they are needed. Welders come in a variety of sizes and with different features, so they are used in a car industry, in most businesses, and by ordinary people. The fact most items are made from metal, make welding machines important addition to every single household. There are thousands of welding machines for sale and each one may be the best choice for you. Keep in mind that this also means that some of them are not perfect for your needs.

Before looking for your new welder, you will have to know its features, the type of applications it can be used for and other additions. Unless you are an expert, when it comes to these devices, you should use a buying guide. In addition, an interesting fact is that there are welding equipment that are affordable, but still offer all the aforementioned features and advantages.

Uses of welding machines

As you already know, welding machines are something that most people use for numerous applications. The real question is, what those applications are? There are a few of them, and you should know something about each one.

  • They are used to weld metals together

In general, all welders are used to weld two or more metals together. They can be used almost for any type of a metal and there are different welding techniques.

  • Used for making certain parts stronger

Welding can make a certain part of a metal element stronger, in order to withstand more pressure and more load.

  • Repair bodywork on cars

Most cars are made of metal, at least their body. Welders are still used in repairs, commonly needed by most drivers.

  • Help you use old part for a longer time

If some part of components, cracks, you will have to replace it. But, if you have a welder, you will be able to weld that part and use it for a long time. Despite the fact the two parts will be welded together, they will be strong and durable.

Different types of welders for sale

welding machineBefore you start welding, you must know that there are different types of these machines. Each one used different components and different technique to weld metals. Some of them make welds stronger and some can make precise welds. It also means that your welding machines for sale should be chosen correspondingly to your needs. After all, different types of welders come at different prices, so it is a wise decision to get a model that offers you only the features and capabilities you are going to need, but nothing more.

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)

If you are a beginner, w1hen it comes to welding, this type of machines is an interesting choice. The use an electrode layered with a flux that will protect a weld. These are the most affordable and the oldest welding achiness, but they are still used in all parts of the world. However, they are not perfect for precise and more demanding jobs. Still, they can be used for most, minor applications at your home and they will be more than just perfect. Keep in mind that these machines can be used for steel and cast iron, but with suitable electrodes, they can be used for stainless steel as well. Cheap arc welders for sale are very common and they are durable, simply because they work on a simple principle.

TIG (Gas tungsten arc welding)

Cheap TIG welders for sale are a common thing and they are one of the most popular products of this type you can find today. They are practical, and they offer a high-quality welding. They also use an electrode, but a completely different type than the aforementioned type. In order to protect a weld from the elements and atmospheric contamination, these welders use gasses such as argon and helium. They are a bit more expensive than the previous type, but they also can be used for more demanding tasks. They can be used for steel, including the stainless steel, titanium and copper elements, which makes them more expensive and more practical than ordinary welders. These machines are not very in common for jobs that include minor welding, simply because they are treated as semi-professional welding equipment, so they are designed for more demanding tasks.

MIG (Gas metal arc welding)

These welding machines are the latest hit in the world. They are compact, offer high-quality welding and they are easy to use. Cheap MIG welders for sale are available across the planet and they come in a variety of colors and with different features. They are also different than other types, we already mentioned. They use a special wire gun that places a wire on a place you want to weld. Argon gas is used as well, in order to protect the weld. An interesting addition is that these machines can be used for most applications and they are precise as well. Still, the highest number of people use them for car repairs, because they are small and they can be used in narrow spaces. Beside steel and stainless steel, these welders can weld aluminum and copper, which makes them more useful than other models we have mentioned. In general, they can be used in remote locations and they will be perfect for transport.
Flux-cored arc welders

Flux-cored arc welding machines are similar to the previous type. They also use the wire, but it can be filled with gas, so it makes welding better and more resilient to the potential damages. Flux core welders are almost always used by professionals and for more demanding purposes. Yes, they can be used for welding different metals, but they are not the cheapest as well. Choosing this welder, unless you are going to use it for heavy duty applications is pointless. Keep in mind that they are also one of the latest types of welders, so they offer additional advantages.

ESW (Electroslag welders)

These machines are treated as high-end welders and they are not something you will want to use at your home. They are massive, expensive and they are packed with the latest features. These machines can weld metals thick up to 12 inches (in vertical position), so you can imagine how powerful they are. Still, we had to mention them, because they are commonly used in heavy industry, so if this is your business, you are going to buy a welder of this type.

Features to look for before buying welder machine

If you are still looking for a welding machine for sale, there are some features your new machine will have to have. They are simple, important, but they are definitely something you are going to need at some point! Before looking at the features, pay attention and choose a correct type of a welder, in order to get a machine that can satisfy all your needs, but it won’t cost you a fortune.

Type of materials you will weld

There is no point of buying an expensive welder like plasma if you are going to use it for welding steel and stainless steel. Maybe it looks nice, but you won’t use all of its capabilities, but you will still pay for them. It is a much better choice to buy a MIG welder, simply because it will be able to satisfy your every need for welding.

The power

Some welding machines for sale are more powerful than the others and they make stronger welds. Of course, this is an important feature, but only if you need it. Still, it is recommended to get a more powerful model, simply because when you need an extra power, it will be able to provide it. In addition, the price difference between the least powerful and the most powerful model are not huge, so you can afford a more powerful model, without a big issue.

Weight and dimensions

Yes, these factors are important, despite the fact they are basic for every single product. They are mandatory if you are planning to use your welder on remote locations, so you will have to transport it a lot. Keep in mind that there are a lot of small and compact welding machine that offer impressive capabilities, so they should be taken into account, especially if you plan to use them on different locations. Of course, they don’t offer the ultimate power, but they can satisfy most needs, which makes them a great choice.

Duty cycle

Welding may be fun and important, but it also generates a lot of heat. No matter which type of a welder you get, it will have to be cooled down, after some time. The time, it can be used, before it has to be cooled down is known as a duty cycle and it is different for all welders you can buy. The bottom line is, if you are going to weld for a longer period of time, your welding machine must have a longer welding cycle; if you are going to weld for a shorter period of time, a duty cycle can be shorter as well. Remember that this feature is important and you must respect the duty cycle. Welding despite the fact a welding machine must be cooled down is dangerous and it can damage the unit and it can cause even more severe issues.

Controlling the heat

Most people use welders for welding metals of a different thickness and it is perfectly reasonable, but there is something you need to know. A heat control is a feature you are going to need if you are planning to weld thinner metals. A high temperature can damage and melt the aluminum, or any thinner metal and cause a damage. A heat control will allow you to use your welding machines for thicker and thinner metals. Pulse welding is definitely something you are going to need, if you weld extremely thin metals that can be damaged easily.

AC/DC control

The feature in question isn’t mandatory and some welders don’t have it. However, it can help you make welding more precise and better. It will allow you to adjust the negative and positive current, which affects the welding process. If you are a professional and you are looking for a high-quality welding, this feature is mandatory.

Safety features

As we already mentioned, machines generate a lot of heat and they must be cooled down after some time. A fan has an essential role and it has a huge responsibility, cooling the unit. Automatic overload switch is another feature that will turn off the unit if it is too hot. These features are mandatory for beginners and they are reserved for middle and high range models. It is highly recommended to get a model with all of these features, simply because it will last longer and welding will be safer.

Display and auto save features

The latest models come with a display. It makes welders and welding much simpler and more suitable for beginners. Also, they are more, user-friendly. Auto save feature is another feature that is important. It means that your welder can save the setting and you will be able to use it the next time, when you need, so additional adjustment isn’t required. Add colored and easy to understand controls, and you will buy the best welder.

The bottom line on welder machines for sale

If you are looking for different types of welding equipment, this is the place to get an idea what you will need and what you should be looking for. Just remember that welders are small and complicated machines, so don’t rush with choosing your new model, nor buy the first one you like. They are more than just useful, but the functionality they offer should be suitable to your, specific needs. Of course, a price has an important role and it must be taken into account.