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How to Mig Weld With Perfection? Learn The Art Fast And Easy!

mig-weldDo you have plans to learn the art of how to mig weld? Are you searching for the appropriate guide? Well, if you have been dealing with these tricky queries, we will sort them out in quick time. Mig weld is one of the most effective and widely used welding techniques. Here we would like to reveal the best way to begin using a mig welding machine along with how to lay down some weld beads.

  1. Practice Hard – Just practice, practice and practice! Yes, we do have some pointers to share which will cut down your job but still there is no alternative to practice. You need to spend enough time welding and make sure there is nice control over the machine and other stuff. There is no way to learn how to mig weld in one day.
  2. The Use of Wire – No matter if you are a DIY welder or home user; it would always be nice to use gasless mig wire. With this gasless mig wire, there is no need to make any use of the shielding gas which will further assist in saving some money. For sure, every welding wire has its own specification. In the case of gasless mig wire, you must look for the code E71T-GS and be aware of other codes which look quite similar to that.

On the other hand, solid mig wire comes with the code ER70S-6. The solid mig wire is treated as the standard wire of welding when it comes to the general fabrication. Here you are asked to make use of the shielding gas otherwise it will keep on cracking and nothing fruitful will take place.

  1. Welding Gas – There are certain choices available when it comes to welding gas. Welders can make use of 100% CO2, 100% argon and a mix of 25% CO2 + 75% argon.

CO2 is a cheaper welding gas option and when you have it in the bottle, the penetration of the weld with be deeper. The sole negative aspect of using CO2 is more generation of the spatter.

Argon gas is widely used by the welders when they want to attain cleaner and smoother weld. The mix mentioned above will act as nice effective all round gas. The higher percentage of argon gas will easily make a huge difference to the appearance of the weld bead.

  1. Earth clamp – Your earth clamp should be clean, free from rust, oil, mud, paint and grease. Always prefer to place earth clamp close to the area where you weld.
  2. Contact tips – Contact tips are available in different styles and size. As a welder, you need to select the contact tip which is according to the size of the wire.

There is still a lot to learn about how to mig weld and for this, you must focus on practicing hard and try to gain perfect outcomes.