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Miller Plasma Cutter For Sale. New Buyer’s Guide

miller plasma cutter

Plasma cutters are something that most people never use in their life! However, those who do, completely understand the value of these tools. They use plasma (very hot plasma) to cut through steel, iron, copper and similar metals. Thanks to this feature, they are used in restoration, heavy industry and in business that requires precision and low-cost cutting. Still, small and portable plasma cutters are used by ordinary people. Right now, Miller plasma cutters for sale are the most popular and the most common choice, so we will be focused on this brand. Note: Miller products have been highly rated in the last 10 years, so they are a safe buy.

Smaller Miller plasma cutters are not as powerful as their big ‘’cousins’’ but they are almost equally effective. They can cut through all, aforementioned metals, just they cannot cut through the same thickness. In general, they are perfect for people who use them in garages and workshops.

Using a plasma cutter

All tools of this kind work in the same way. They have a power supply, a nozzle, gas, electrode, and a shield gas. This means that the main gas will heat and cut through metal (the simplest explanation you can get) and the shield gas is used to prevent the nozzle from damaging and helps in removing the debris. Now, you can cut longer with these tools than with other cutters, but they are a bit more expensive and they are complicated to use/maintain!

Although using a Miller plasma cutter is very simple, it would be great if we spend a few minutes in explaining how to use properly your plasma cutter. No matter what you cut, the steps will stay the same.

  1. Always secure the material you will cut. Use pressure if you have to, but it is mandatory that it stays in the same spot. If it moves, a precision cut won’t be possible.
  2. Wear protective gear! Gloves and helmet are the most important pieces of equipment, but a protective suit is recommended as well.
  3. Make sure you have enough gas.
  4. Make sure you have enough of shield gas (cutting without it isn’t possible).
  5. Make sure you don’t overheat your tool! This step will be better explained below, in the feature section.

Note: These are the basic steps that are mandatory. However, adjusting the plasma cutter is often required, but this will be determined by the type of metal you want to cut.


What features your new Miller plasma cutter must have?

Go in the first shop you see and buy a new plasma cutter. Most people do this and most of them are wrong! These tools may look simple, but they are not, which means that you must take all the features and factors mentioned below into account if you want a great and long-lasting tool. One of many advantages Miller tools have is that most of them already include these features.

Duty cycle

This term is commonly used in welders and cutters and it represents how long you can cut in a 10 minute time frame. For example, the Miller 375 plasma cutter has a duty cycle of 35% (240V). It means that it can cut 3.5 minutes in a 10 minute interval. After that, you will have to cool down a cutter. Not obeying this fact means that you will overheat your tool, which will cause severe damages to the electrode, nozzle, and the power supply. We would highly recommendgetting a Miller model with the automatic overheating switch. Maybe this feature is known under another name, but it means that a plasma cutter will automatically shut down in order to prevent overheating.

Metal thickness

This is one of the most important features you should pay attention to. It will determine a number of applications you can do with your plasma cutter. If you will have to cut ½ inch metal, buying a tool that can cut only through 1/4 inch metal is a mistake! You won’t be able to use it and even if you force it, the welding machine will overheat and you will have to replace it. Ass the bottom line, you need to know the thickness of the metal you will cut in order to get a suitable plasma cutter for sale.


Having an LCD display is a nice touch. There, you will be able to see the temperature, the pressure, and power. It isn’t a must-have feature, but it is definitely needed and it is better to have it than not to!


Do you want to use your plasma cutter in remote locations or you will use it only in your garage/workshop? Maybe now, this sounds irrelevant, but it is also one of those factors that can determine the use of your tool. For example, most Miller plasma cutters are small and portable, which means that they can be used anywhere you want. A strap is definitely something you will need if you don’t plan to use your tool in just one place.

The power

If we look at the Miller 625 plasma cutter you will notice a high price, but at the same time you will notice the 40 amp power. This device is two times more powerful than similar ones, which means that it is capable of cutting through thicker metals in a shorter period of time. This is a very important factor if you are looking for a quick and new plasma cutter. Note: Each Miller plasma cutter for sale is rated as a high power unit.

The bottom line of Miller plasma cutters

So, you still have heard that every single Miller plasma cutter for sale is great and now you want one? If you have a need for a tool of this type buy it right now, but if the features are too complicated for you, let the price determine a model for you. A more affordable tool will be less powerful, but it can satisfy your basic needs for cutting. On the other side, a more expensive unit will offer the ultimate power and you will be able to use it in heavy industry, if you want to.

The best advice we can give you is to buy the latest Miller plasma cutter models. They are better developed and they come with small, medium and big advantages, compared to older versions. The next step is to start cutting!