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Miller Welding Helmets For Sale: Why You Should Use Them

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Welding helmets were simple products, designed for just one purpose, to protect your face, eyesight, and neck. If you paid attention, you saw that we used past tense! Nowadays, these are advanced, technology-rich protective gadgets that are more important than you may imagine. Most welders choose not to use them, for some reason, but if you want to stay healthy and to be able to weld/cut for a long period of time, using a welding helmet is mandatory!

At the beginning, we must mention that there are two types of Miller welding helmets. They are:

  • Standard Miller welding helmets for sale – They are older, useful and cheap. These products use a simple protective glass to protect your eyes from ultraviolet and infrared light. They must be flipped, at some point, in order to see where you want to weld.
  • Auto-darkening Miller welding helmets – These are newer and the most popular devices of this kind. They offer a normal visibility when you don’t weld, but as soon as they detect infrared or ultraviolet rays, their glass will turn dark. This is their main feature. For example, each miller auto darkening welding helmet looks ordinary, until you start welding. Then, you will see the difference.

Standard vs. auto-darkening Miller welding helmets

Both of these cool welding helmets for sale have pros and cons. When it comes to the standard welding helmets, they are heavier and they must be flipped, as we already said, which increases the stress on the neck, so they may cause some issues! They are not great for beginners either, simply because they make welding harder. In essence, you must imagine where you will weld because you want to see clearly! Pros include the durability and the simplicity. Also, they are perfect for long welds.

Auto-darkening welding helmets can wear their sensors, which mean that they won’t work and their batteries must be replaced. Also, their protective glass is sensitive and all of them must be treated with a lot of care. Pros will include a simpler welding (you can see clearly until you start), they don’t have to be flipped in order to see and they are better for precise welds. A Miller classic welding helmet is commonly treated as one of the best for beginners.

Due to the fact auto-darkening welding helmets are newer and better, we will be focused on them. IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to use a welding helmet, in order to protect your eyesight and face. Even the simplest model is better than not using it!


Factors To Consider Before Buying Miller Welding Helmet

There are some important features your auto-darkening welding helmet for sale should have. Choosing a model with all of these additions means the safest and the most precise welding possible.

Factor 1: Solar or battery powered

You have two options. You can choose a solar powered Miller welding helmet, which requires a sunlight in order to work, obviously or you can choose a battery powered unit. A battery powered welding helmet can use AAA batteries or lithium-ion. In both cases, they will work until their batteries are full with ‘’juice’’. After some time, you will have to replace batteries. AAA batteries last shorter, but they are quicker and cheaper to replace. We recommend choosing a model that is battery powered, simply because it is more practical and more useful.

Factor 2: Delay

This feature means that a screen will stay dark, even after you have completed your weld. It is important when you use the max power of a welding machine for sale. In those cases, a weld must cool down and it must stop glowing. When you want to make shorter welds, using a low delay is preferable. Make sure your model supports long delay! Note: You will get a switch that is used to adjust the delay.This feature is standard on every Miller cool welding helmet.

Factor 3: Sensitivity and reaction

Every single professional, including every Miller elite welding helmet,will have a low reaction time. It means that the screen will turn dark as soon as a sensor detects some of the mentioned rays. For example, a Miller digital elite welding helmet can turn dark in 1/15000 seconds. This is a great score, so make sure you target this value. A sensitivity is used to adjust the amount of UV rays that will cause a screen to turn dark.

Factor 4: How comfortable it is

It is impeccable that a new Miller welding helmet is fully adjustable. You should be able to adjust the front, back and the upper parts of a helmet. Keep in mind that you are going to use it for 5 hours per day, probably more, so make sure your helmet won’t cause fatigue, nor it will be annoying to wear.

Factor 5: Number of sensors

Have you ever wonder why Miller welding helmets elite series have several sensors? These models will cover a bigger welding space. It means that they will turn dark no matter in which direction you will weld and even the smallest weld will activate them. If you don’t understand, let us explain better. A new Miller welding helmet can activate a protective glass when you weld in front of you (directly) or a glass will be activated when your head isn’t directly focused on a weld (indirectly). Note: A Miller pro hobby welding helmet comes with this feature as well.


So, we determined that you need a Miller electric welding helmet in order to protect your eyesight and your face. A great fact is that this manufacturer makes welding helmets for all applications. If you are a professional, choosing a Miller performance welding helmet would be the best choice. If you are a beginner, choosing a cheap Miller welding helmets is the wisest alternative. Don’t forget that using these helmets has no drawbacks, but offers a lot of advantages, so there is no a single reason why you shouldn’t use them.

No matter when, where and what are you welding, if you wear one of these welding helmets, your welds will be perfectly accurate. Welding without them will cause poor quality welds that won’t satisfy your goal, or even worse, your client.