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Stick Welding Tips and Tricks – Don’t Miss The Crucial Information!

welderHave you been searching for some effective stick welding tips and tricks? For sure, you are present at the right place to gain the best possible information. Stick welding is also known as Arc welding and there are some basic elements of this particular welding technique- the length of the arc, the setting of current, the angle of the electrode, speed of travel and exact manipulation of the electrode. In order to improve your Stick welding outcomes just pay attention to these four basic welding tips and tricks:

  1. Have an appropriate arc welding machine – First important tip to become a decent stick welder is to buy an adequate arc welding machine. Here, I am not forcing you to invest huge money on great machines. One can easily afford a decent machine like Lincoln 225 AC tombstone. The machine is more than sufficient to execute stick welding task in right manner. Surely, there are many more models available on the market. Execute bit of searching online and try to seek out the right machines which fit your welding demands and don’t create a huge hole in your pocket.
  2. Buy an adequate auto darkening welding helmet – Just like the welding machine, it is highly imperative indeed to buy a proper auto darkening welding helmet. You are only asked to spend 50 bucks for this helmet. The auto darkening welding helmet is easily available online and it is very much possible to crack a nice discount offer. A decent helmet will darken in 1/20000 sec. A quality helmet comes with an adjustable 9-12 shade. Being a welder, you need the helmet as it will allow you to see exactly where you are striking the arc and improve your efficiency.
  3. Polarity Matters A Lot – If you are planning to buy an AC welding machine, you must only use welding rods which are specifically designed to weld on AC. Just remember not all welding rods are AC. 6010 will not work if you have the AC machine but you can opt for 6011, 7018 and 6013. There are many individuals who like to weld with 6010 and for this, they need to opt for an AC and DC machine. With a DC machine, you can also execute TIG welding by hooking a scratch start TIG torch.
  4. Learn The Art Of Holding A Close Arc – Holding a close arc is the most vital welding tips and tricks which will assist in gaining desired outcomes. With a close arc, it would not become possible to set your amperage appropriately but when you are executing overhead and vertical welding positions as it will assist in gaining proper stay of both metal and sparks.

Certainly, there are plenty more welding tips and tricks available online, but the ones mentioned here are pretty important and easy to apply. Without any doubt, these tips and tricks will assist you in becoming a good welder and that too without investing huge time and effort.