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How to tig weld – Learn The Art Of Tig Welding!

tig-weldHow to tig weld is an important question for the most of the welders. With this welding technique, you are able to weld different types of metals with ease and nice finishing. Tig weld is widely used for welding steel, copper, brass, gold, and aluminum. Tig (tungsten inert gas) weld make use of tungsten electrode in order to generate the heat and fuse different metals. A shielding gas is used in the welding process in order to protect the weld pool from any type of atmospheric contaminants. With this shielding, there is no need of any flux and here we further like to mention some of the basics of tig welding.

First of all, you need to have the right welding machine and safety equipment. Personally, I would prefer to buy a quality helmet with shade 11 or darker. The light is extremely bright and has the potential to hurt your eyes if you are not protected with the adequate shade. In general, most of the newbie welders completely neglect the importance of adequate helmet and make a huge mistake.

Next safety equipment which you require is the thin welding gloves. Thin welding gloves made of leather will make it possible to pick rods and torch conveniently. Always take a caution and never touch the metal especially aluminum after welding. The welded material does not appear to be hot but the reality is bit different. You can burn your gloves and hands if you touch the material instantly after welding. Just like welding gloves, you need a nice welding coat which is light. Most of the places are pretty hot inside so never ever opt for a heavy thick coat.

A significant part of how to tig weld is done when you first sit and start welding. This is the real beauty of tig welding as here you are just asked to hold a tig torch in the hand and control the heat with your foot on the pedal. When you push the pedal, the torch gets hot and when you release it will get cool. In order to get a perfect arch, you must put the torch about 1/8 inches from the table and push the paddle softly. When you are welding aluminum, you must set the machine on AC and for rest of metal, DC is the right option. Check out the machine settings carefully before starting tig welding process.

When it comes to holding the torch it should be at 70 or 80 degrees and for the rod, 15 degrees is the appropriate position. Practice hard with the pedal and try to maintain a distance of 1/8 inches from the workpiece. Welder needs to push the paddle until ¼ inch puddle appears. The moment puddle is formed, add your filler rod and repeat the process several times.

This is the best way to how to tig weld where you will face fewer complications and achieve better outcomes.