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How to Weld Aluminum in Proper Manner? Check out the Answer!

welding-aluminumThere are certain ways to weld aluminum and here we will try to elaborate the most effective ones. Aluminum welding is bit tricky task and the level of toughness will entirely depend on the selected process and thickness of the aluminum. Check out the following basic methods of how to weld aluminum:

  1. Gas welding – This particular welding method is rarely used but you will find it in different maintenance industries like refrigeration repairs. In general, this method involves fusing of very thin aluminum sheets by making use of oxy-acetylene equipment. In the case of aluminum, it is pretty hard to find out the point at which it will melt. When you heat two parts of aluminum consequently in order to join them, gas welding could result in dropping out of metal when the melting point is reached. Gas welding method is the only ideal for the welders who are pretty experienced and have a deep understanding of welding. Only experienced candidates can predict the melting point with perfection and introduce filler on the right time.
  2. Mig Welding – This is the best and easiest ways to weld aluminum. How to weld aluminum will not become a tough query for the welder if he or she makes use of the mig machine. In MIG welding, a continuous wire of aluminum is used to weld the area. Sheet metals are welded with MIG welders when it comes to the construction of gates, boat, fences, any light structure and architectural work.

When it comes to welding aluminum in heavy gauges it is quite similar to welding steel. Better is to make use of Teflon as welding cable liner which will further allow you to enjoy smooth running of the filler wire. Just remember there would be a lot less friction through the gun and cable as the aluminum wire is very weak as compared to that of steel. In MIG welding, you must make use of the pure argon.

  1. Tig Welding – Tig welding aluminum is not for the newcomers and demands plenty of practice. Here you are asked to put a huge amount of effort in order to learn the art of tig welding. Just like gas welding even here you must predict the melting point of the aluminum metal and introduce filter at the right moment. The metal is heated with the tig welding torch and the attained final results are pleasing to your eyes. Tig welding is basically a work of art which demands skills and right application. With tig welding, it would become possible to attain the desired finishing with ease. It is easy to conclude tig welding aluminum is mostly used by the professional welders who don’t want to make any compromise with the work quality.

Above mentioned three ways are more than sufficient to erase most of your doubts related to how to weld aluminum. The more time you spend in welding aluminum better would be the outcomes.